Budgeting doesn't have to be difficult, with the proper planning & systems Budgeting can be quite simple!

This web app has been developed to help anyone Create, Manage & Optimize their budgets. Easily add your Income, Allocations and see how your overall spending is broken down among several categories such as:

  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Debts
  • Expenses

We follow the "Pay Yourself First" Strategy when developing our Budgets. Which is when your prioritize your Savings & Investments before your Expenses. We believe this mindset is important to implement, because if not - you may find yourself in situations, with after paying all of your Expenses & other items, that you don't have enough to invest back into Yourself or Investments to grow your Wealth / Income.

You will notice on the Budget Breakdown, that we follow this strategy by Prioritizing the Savings & Investments portion of your Budget & displaying those categories first.

Budget Logger Dashboard
Budget Logger Breakdown
Budget Logger Results

Getting Started: